This site is dedicated to the ship and crew of the USS LST 662

LST-511 Class Tank Landing Ship : Laid down, 14 January 1944 at American Bridge Co., Ambridge, PA. Launched, 5 April 1944; Commissioned USS LST-662 , 2 May 1944.

During World War II, LST-662 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific theater and participated in the following operations: Capture and occupation of southern Palau Islands - September and October 1944, Zambales-Subic Bay-January 1945, Assault and occupation of Okinawa Gunto-April 1945. Decommissioned,19 December 1945; Struck from the Naval Register, 8 January 1946; Final disposition, sold, 25 June 1946, to Arctic Circle Exploration, Inc., of Seattle, WA., fate unknown; LST-662 earned three battle stars for World War II service.

Specifications : Displacement 1,780 t.(lt), 3,640 t.(fl); Length 328'; Beam 50'; Draft unloaded, bow 2' 4", stern 7' 6", loaded bow 8' 2", stern 14' 1"; Speed 12k.;  Complement 8-10 Officers, 89-100 Enlisted; Troop Capacity, approx. 130 officers and enlisted; Boats, 2 LCVP (later modified to 6 LCVP);  Armament; one single 3"/50 gun mount, eight 40mm guns, twelve 20mm guns (modified to 1 40mm and 1 20mm to accept the extra LCVPs); Propulsion, 2 General Motors V12-567 Diesel engines, two shafts, twin rudders.

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The Crew (Plank Owners) after launch in April 1944



















Here she is in 1950 as the MV Neva
after conversion to a fish factory